TShirt a day

| 1 min read

I've been reading a lot of books and blog posts, watching a lot of conferences about development for the past year and I was searching a project to help me wrap my head around all the interesting concepts I've learned.

Some day I received another t-shirt from a punk rock band - I have so many t-shirts... - and had an idea : "What if I made a service where people could choose what t-shirt I should wear on a given day ?"

This is stupid but can be a decent project to play with Domain Driven Design concepts, to build a true Restfull API (ouch...), to work on some front-end again, to (maybe) try to use docker as a container, to do some Behaviour Driven Design, to practice my unit test writing skills...

If this project goes to production some day it could lead to a funny experimentation too because I have some t-shirts I probably should be embarassed to wear in some contexts.

(And if this goes to production this might lead to learn some more devops stuff. They say the more you do devops stuff the more you like doing it.)

This is project is open sourced, you can find it on Github and I'll do my best to write some blog posts with the thing I've learned and struggle with.

Here are all the blog posts in the Tshirt a day serie :

Hey ! I'm on Twitter too, if you want to chat about this serie or something else. Feel free to comment below as well.